2nd June 2012

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not in the chat format because I don’t like the chat format: Exalted OOC Shenanigans

Zoe: Hue, I’m surrounded by Sai, Grang, and someone new named Kyra. What is your current location?

Hue: I’m watching a very large and intimidating mortal woman at least eight feet in height punch a Dragon-Blooded, who looks like Rassilon but isn’t, senseless. Ti is holding the Dragon Blooded fellow down, and Peri is suggesting we pay off a ship’s captain to take the man as far towards the Water Pole as possible.

Zoe: …I could meet you there, given sufficient time to recover essence first.

Hue: Nono, I think we’re fine. Unless you’re looking for an excuse to flee the rest of your team, in which case, help, oh help, will no kind and strong person come to our aid, perhaps an acerbic young librarian covered in spines.

Zoe: I will take the second part of that. You have my gratitude.

Hue: We’re in Nexus. Careful, there are more dragons about.

Zoe: Noted.

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